Our Menu

We specialize in a wide variety of fine pastries. We have fun providing delicious, beautiful, fun-to-eat cakes, tarts, cookies, eclairs, and other treats for your to enjoy with family and friends. Our menu changes to take advantage of seasonal ingredients and to satisfy our pastry chef’s whims. The following is a sampling of what you’ll find in our pastry case. To place a special order, contact us. Be sure to ask us about gluten-free and vegan options.

Light pate-a-choux filled with vanilla pastry cream and glazed with chocolate ganache. Our namesake pastry!
Cream Puffs
Pate-a-choux puffs filled with pastry cream (various flavors) and glazed with chocolate ganache or a dusting of powdered sugar.





Delicate, scalloped pastries that fall somewhere between a cake and a cookie. We make several flavors, including orange, rose, and chocolate.
French Macarons
These gluten-free delicacies consist of two almond-based cookies sandwiching a filling of buttercream, ganache, or fruit preserves. They are a must-try!
Our scones are made with sweet cream butter, heavy cream, and a variety of fruits, chocolate, or nuts. Selection varies each week.

Cinnamon Rolls
Rich brioche swirled with cinnamon and brown sugar is topped with a slightly tangy maple-cream cheese icing.





Honeycomb Tarts

Almond bees adorn the top of this distinctive tart filled with apricot-honey cream. Kids and adults love them!







Fruit Tarts
Sweet pastry shells hold fillings such as tart lemon curd or rich pastry cream paired with colorful fresh fruit.
These petite gluten-free cakes come in a variety of flavors, but all have a base of ground nuts (typically almonds or hazelnuts). They’re moist, dense, and delicious!
Coconut Macaroons
These moist, chewy, gluten-free cookies are for true coconut lovers! We top ours with homemade caramel, toasted almonds, and a chocolate drizzle.





Flaky pastry dough cradles rich egg custard loaded with vegetables, meats, and cheeses. Selection varies each week.
Flourless Chocolate Cake

Like the richest chocolate truffle you’ve ever eaten–but in the form of an elegant 6-inch cake you can share with friends and family. Gluten-free!
Apple Rose Tarts
Sweetened, rose-scented apple slices nested in a sweet pastry shell. Beautiful and delicious!