Learn with Classes

Elizabeth Meyers, Pastry Chef and Owner of I d’Eclair! Pastry, is available for private, in-home baking and cooking classes. Learn classic French pastries such as financiers and eclairs, master the foundations of pie and tart doughs, or get your chocolate fix with a tutorial in truffles. Invite your friends or gather your family for an afternoon or evening of fun with food! Here’s a sampling of a few of the available classes. You can also customize a class to suit your interests. Just contact Elizabeth (elizabeth@ideclairpastry.com) to discuss!

French Pastry

Elizabeth will teach you how to make several traditional French cakes and pastries, including:
Financiers: Light, moist cakes that often feature the nutty goodness of browned butter
Madeleines: Delicate sponge cakes baked in distinctive fluted pans to resemble seashells
Gougeres: A very versatile savory pastry puff.  It can be munched on while drinking a glass of wine or filled with ham or chicken salad, egg salad, etc. and served as an appetizer or light lunch

Chocolate Decadence

Learn to make several flavors of truffles, chocolate lava cakes, and easy chocolate or white chocolate mousse. If you love chocolate, this class is definitely for you! Book a class today just in time for Valentine’s Day–or give this class as a gift to your special someone.

Pies and Tarts 101

If the thought of making your own pie crust is daunting, this class will demystify the process and give you the confidence to make your own crusts from scratch. We’ll cover basic pie dough (pate brisee) as well as sweet tart dough (pate sucree), roll out the crusts we make, and bake a couple of mouthwatering pies and tarts you’ll be proud to serve.






Vegetarian Cooking

A vegetarian for nearly 20 years, Elizabeth can help you create delicious, healthy meatless meals using familiar ingredients as well as a few items that might be new to you. She can also help you re-imagine your favorite recipes to make them meat-free.


Each hands-on class is 2-4 hours long, depending on what topics are covered, and is held in your home kitchen. Elizabeth will bring ingredients and essentials such as special baking pans or other equipment. Prices vary by class according to what topics are covered, length of class, and how many people will be attending. For example, a 3-hour Chocolate Decadence class is $260 for up to four attendees; additional participants are $50/person.
Contact Elizabeth at elizabeth@ideclairpastry.com to book your private, custom baking or cooking class in time for the holidays, or arrange to give a class as a gift!